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Crypto made simple, for everyone

Crypto made simple,
for everyone

Ryze is your new crypto home base. Buy and sell crypto for no fees. Get paid in crypto. Earn crypto over time, and more. All in one place.
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The easiest way to spend, invest, earn and bank on crypto.

The easiest way to spend, invest, earn, and bank on crypto.

A new home for your money. Invest in crypto for zero fees. Get paid in crypto. Earn up to 5% APY on crypto and cash. Spend dollars and earn crypto rewards. All in one place.
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Your money works for you.

We've had the same, archaic financial system since the '70s. One that works for the wealthy, not for everyone. Banks rob you with high fees and low interest. We see the internet of money and open systems as the solution to oppressive financial systems.

Auto-buy dips

Get more crypto for your buck. Our technology finds the best times to buy crypto, so you don't have to. It's like DCA, but smarter.

Recurring buys

Make one-time, recurring, or paycheck deposits.
Over time, Ryze buys crypto with the cash you’ve saved up. Or just buy crypto instantly, whenever you want.

Zero Fees

Buy crypto for zero fees

Stack Crypto

Buy crypto dips on autopilot

Get Paid

Get paid in crypto
Get Paid
Get Paid

Get paid in crypto

Directly deposit any portion of your paycheck into Ryze without talking to your employer. Automatically convert to crypto. All within the app. No emailing HR. No paperwork. No hassle.

Cash. Crypto. One card. More rewards.

Supercharge your spending with a debit card that earns rewards on every swipe. Convert rewards to cash or crypto whenever you want.

All of the yield.
None of the hassle.

Earn up to 10% APY on your cash and crypto at the touch of a button with DeFi-powered savings.


Zero transaction fees
Instant deposits
Direct deposit without talking to your employer
Start with as little as $1
Withdraw to your own wallets at anytime
Human Support

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