Buy dips on autopilot.
Get paid in Bitcoin.
Bitcoin. Dollars. One Place.

A bank account designed for Bitcoin.
Bye big banks. Hello Bitcoin.
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Coming Fall 2021
*1 Bitcoin = 100M Sats*
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Buy dips on autopilot.

Get more Bitcoin than DCA
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DCA or Dollar-Cost-Averaging is a popular investing strategy for Bitcoin where you buy a set amount at fixed intervals (ex. $100 every week).
Get more Bitcoin for your buck. Our technology finds the best times to buy Bitcoin, so you don't have to. It's like DCA, but smarter.
Make one-time, recurring, or paycheck deposits. Over time, Ryze buys Bitcoin with the cash you’ve saved up. Or just buy Bitcoin instantly, whenever you want.
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A bank account with magic Bitcoin powers.

get paid in bitcoin.
Deposit any percentage of your paycheck into an FDIC-insured checking account using your Ryze account and routing number. Convert to Bitcoin at the best times, automatically.
Save Bitcoin. Spend Dollars.
Spend dollars straight out of your Ryze account. Pay your credit card bill, your mortgage, and anything else you can think of.
Bitcoin back on Ryze Card purchases anywhere in the world1.
More Bitcoin than Dollar Cost Averaging when you save with Ryze2.

Get more Bitcoin, literally everywhere. Ryze is built from the ground up to optmize your finances for Bitcoin.

Built for Bitcoin and


stay in control.
Buy, sell, save, and earn— all in one place. Withdraw to your own wallets when you’re ready.
Harness the power of lightning.
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The Lightning Network AKA Lightning or LND is a "layer 2" technology built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to help Bitcoin scale. It enables you to send and receive Bitcoin instantly, for near-zero fees. 🤯
Send and receive Bitcoin across the internet, in real time, with Lightning deposits and withdrawals.