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Welcome to the
future of money.

Welcome to the
future of money.

Buy, sell, stack, and get paid in Bitcoin.
Buy Bitcoin dips, on autopilot.
Bitcoin. Dollars. One place. No fees.
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Zero Fees

Buy Bitcoin for zero fees

Stack Sats

Buy Bitcoin dips on autopilot

Get Paid

Get paid in bitcoin

Say goodbye to fees.

Buy and sell as little as $1 of Bitcoin with no fees. Convert between cash and Bitcoin instantly, in just a few taps for free. Withdraw to your own wallets at any time.

Auto-buy dips

Get more Bitcoin for your buck. Our technology finds the best times to buy Bitcoin, so you don't have to. It's like DCA, but smarter.

Recurring buys

Make one-time, recurring, or paycheck deposits.
Over time, Ryze buys Bitcoin with the cash you’ve saved up. Or just buy Bitcoin instantly, whenever you want.

Get paid in Bitcoin

Directly deposit any portion of your paycheck into Ryze, without having to talk to your employer. Convert any amount of your paycheck to Bitcoin, automatically.

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Borderless instant payments


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Earn Bitcoin without buying it

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